Covid has been a hard time for all of us, from Screen¬†Printing to order and Manufacturing, embellishing and finishing services. We haven’t¬†taken it down¬†and have aggressively¬†added new¬†premium services. These branding services include our new embroidery and screen printing, not to mention finishing of garments for clients. With this in mind we at Ezi Brand have taken a leap of faith and have now introduced a new service being the first to offer 3D limiter embroidery on to stock standard caps and headwear. Only 1 year ago if you wanted 3D embroidery¬†produced¬†onto a cap, or any headwear¬†promotional piece, you would have no choice but to produce it overseas in either China or maybe Korea. Finally, we have stepped¬†up and¬†invested heavily into the most state of the art production, being the only company¬†offering mass production¬†of #D embroidered logos to headwear.¬†

WOW so you cannot only offer your clients the highest quality printing servers in Australia, delivered in under 24 Р48 hours, using our rushed premium service, please call production to check on costs of standard 7 Р10 day turn around. The quality we now offer in Australia is not on par, but superior to our offshore counterparts and you can produce a sample in 24 hours, have the product signed off and know exactly what you and your client will be receiving.

Ezi Brand is now the number one for Melbourne Screen printing and garment embellishment, but also one of the only suppliers offering quality embroidery through the Ezi Brand 16 Head embroidery machinery offering the capability of allowing for 3D logo creation, the added service of screen printing on site as well as finishing off the embellishment with quality, Flat 14 colour or 3D logo creation.