Digital Transfers

The go to process for Iron on Names and Numbers and for years the Cheapest way to produce Full colour low volume orders.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Digital transfers using only the best media. We can achieve High quality transfers with in most cases no backgrounds. There are limitations in how far we can go with that but we can remove the background from Text as small as 6mm high as long as it’s block text.


Iron on Names and Numbers

Available per name or per number our pricelist makes working out the cost of Names and Numbers a breeze. Perfect for that sports team jersey. It’s very versatile with a low hand feel for a transfer we can press onto any fabric.

The media we use has gone through Adidas wash testing and is a proven product. Rated to over 100 cold washes it’s perfect for those small orders or complex products. Simple shapes are very cost effective with an MOQ of 10 units. Pricing is based on it’s size and the complexity of removing the background. We always aim to remove the background for you unfortunately there’s no one price fits all for that part of the process so we need to quote it for you.

Cad Cut transfers

These aren’t often used in this day and age as everyone wants more and more colours. It can be used to do some pretty cool things though with a lot of different media’s available from Puff, Full gloss, Glitters it’s almost a case of anything you can think of.