Ezibrand are now partners of Supacolour and their decorator of choice in Victoria. As a rapidly growing New Zealand company they have taken the world by storm with their transfer capabilities. Taking out awards in New Zealand’s Print and Pride competition, we are honoured to be partnered with them. Now going global it really is a company and product to get behind.

They have mastered the art of combining screen printed transfers and a Digital process. Creating vivid colours, PMS matching and best of all unrivaled durability and quality.

We decided to partner with them as we believed in their product but more importantly to us. Their quick to market process matched that of our own ethos that need to deliver on time every time.

With a 3-4-day delivery time from Art Sign off to us receiving the transfers it’s a fantastic System from start to finish. One that we enjoy using just as much as you will.

We see Supacolour transfers as a direct competitor to direct to garment, So much so we have actually stopped direct to garment printing. We found the durability of direct to garment and the inconsistent nature of the print didn’t suit our needs and the needs of our customers.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Supacolour transfers are also considerably cheaper than direct to garment and faster to produce in large volumes. They also have brighter colours can be PMS matched and with a 100 cold wash rating are light years ahead in durability.


Why use Supacolour

  • Vibrant colours
  • Ability to go on almost any material, t-shirts, bags, umbrellas, workwear, promotional items, hoodies, polos etc.
  • No weeding like traditional digital transfers (removing the background)
  • Low cost for full colour printing
  • Resolution no other process can match
  • Lasts approx. 100 cold washes
  • What’s not to Love!!


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Supacolour is a relatively new, yet highly popular technique for creating high-quality prints for products and apparel.

A rapidly growing company from New Zealand, Supacolour has taken the printing world by storm with their high-level transfer capabilities. A Supacolour print is widely desired by a lot of individuals who want an extremely beautiful transfer print in a very short amount of time.

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Supacolour transfers have a variety of advantages when compared to both screen printing and direct transfers. This is why Supacolour heat transfers are increasing in demand at an exponential rate.

Supacolour Print

There is a multitude of benefits when talking about Supacolour. This is because, Supacolour has taken the process of digital transfer prints, and made it a lot more seamless and affordable for many providers and buyers alike.

When you compare a Supacolour print to a normal digital transfer you can see the difference for yourself in terms of both vibrancy and brightness. The Supacolour heat transfer provides high-quality prints that have an extreme level of sharpness when it comes to photographic images with smooth gradient profiles.

This means that without compromising on the convenience of a digital transfer, a Supacolour heat transfer provides an exceptionally high-quality print.

This is all more important when talking about promotional material that is made for certain companies that have intricate or complex logos. Many company logos will have fine detail components or portions of the logo will be covered with extremely small text. When it comes to traditional digital transfers, this requires setting up the art as a block which often tends to disturb the look of the logo and make the product look cheap.

However, a Supacolour print addresses both these issues and provides a professional look that is a lot more detailed and does not affect the way the material looks overall.

However, the strongest benefit provided by Supacolour heat transfers is the convenience and economic benefit.

Supacolour is easily regarded as the most cost-effective process to produce high-quality vibrant prints with zero compromises on any aspect of visual appeal. It is a deciding factor for many distributors, as they can provide full colour and detail prints in a very short turnaround time.

Supacolour heat transfers are also highly desired by the people who purchase them as the print itself has no thick texture or raised edges that allow it to blend seamlessly with any material it is printed on.

Supacolor Heat Transfers

Supacolour heat transfers are the next step in printing processes as they are produced at the back of the most advanced technology and materials to provide a sustainable printing option.

This not only enables individuals to have an eco-friendly print but also allows companies to significantly lower their carbon footprint. With vivid colours and a high level of durability it is easy to see why Supacolour heat transfers are widely desired by many print distributors.

If you need a Supacolour print for your company or your promotional material, then we can help you out because Ezibrand is partnered with Supacolour and is their decorator of choice in Melbourne Victoria.

By partnering with Supacolour, we have implemented their quick to market process with our services. This means that you can effectively get high-quality prints in an extremely short turnaround time knowing that the material you have received has had zero compromises on quality with consistently high-quality prints.

All you need to do is reach out to Ezibrand, and we’ll help you get the perfect print for your product.