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Our aim is to offer complete delivery of premium quality t-shirt screen printing services delivering Australia wide. Utilising state of the art M&R equipment we have the capability to produce 1 – 5000 tee shirts per day, depending on current production capacity. Add on services such as Poly Bagging, Labeling, Re tagging, Size labeling, Bar-code supply and application, QR code generation, Drop blind shipping direct to customer, Packaging all through our cost effective, state of the art packaging machinery. EziBrand make the supply of screen printed t-shirts EZI.




Screen Printing Textiles is something we are now well known for with a capacity of 10,000 shirts a day it’s something you can be comfortable knowing we will take care of you. From orders of 1 for Pre-production samples to Large 50,000 run’s we can do it all.
Having recently won Two awards in The Great Aussie T-shirt competition taking out victory in half of the screen-printed Categories, Rest assure we don’t compromise on quality.

Plastisol printing

Plastisol is your traditional screen-printing ink for textiles and is generally the go to in the industry. It’s easy to print great for PMS match and can hold good detail and if you know how to use it can have a fairly soft hand feel as well.

Discharge printing

Discharge is an awesome process if the artwork suits it. Those vintage prints have never looked so good when using Discharge. This is the process of bleaching the fibres back to their natural colour and leaving only the pigment colour. The garments do need to be Discharge suitable Cotton.

Waterbased printing

Waterbased Screen printing is something that’s definitely gaining momentum in Australia with the availability of new ink formula’s which are reducing the pitfalls your traditional waterbased inks had. They aren’t drying in the screen as easily and have a much higher opacity than ever before.

General screen printing

Not only can we print Textiles we can also Print paper bags, Tote bags, Calico’s, Compendiums, Satchels, signage, Gift boxes and so much more. If it’s Flat we can print it!

There has been a gradual growing demand for printing services melbourne, screen printers in Melbourne and screen-printing services overall. This is because despite screen printing being an extremely old practice, it is still highly desired for commercial fabric painting. When it comes to T-shirt screen printing in Melbourne, Ezibrand has the right equipment with the right team to get the job done perfectly.

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A primary factor behind screen printing is the use of stencils that have separate layers of coloured ink that are applied one after the other on the fabric. This results in multiple layers that culminate in a complete and final design. This thick application of ink also results in a colour finish that is a lot more vibrant and highly suited for dark coloured fabrics. This is why even specialty products choose to go with screen printing services rather than going for digital transfers.

Furthermore, screen printing in Melbourne and digital transfer printing is highly cost-effective for wholesale printing. While the initial setup costs for a wholesale order can be on the slightly higher-end, it becomes extremely economical when the number of prints in the order increases. Furthermore, if the print is one that you will require more of in the future, then screen printing is ideally the best option to go with as there is no requirement of creating new prints.

Screen Printing Services

The best part about screen printing services is that they are highly customisable thanks to the thickness of ink that is involved with screen printers in Melbourne. This same thickness enables printers to apply multiple layers of ink which in turn enables them to easily create unique effects that are native to t-shirt screen printing in Melbourne.

All in all, this means that the range of inks and dyes that can be applied to screen printing are a lot broader and more diverse when compared to digital transfers. However, one of the strongest advantages of screen-printing services is a high level of versatility.

Screen printing in Melbourne and supacolour print is so popular for the simple reason that it works on a variety of different materials, fabrics, and surfaces. No longer do you need to be restricted to cotton or cotton blends as screen printing can easily apply high-quality prints on a multitude of materials.

T-Shirt Screen Printing in Melbourne

If you need comprehensive t-shirt screen printing in Melbourne, then reach out to Ezibrand today.

We are among the primary screen printers in Melbourne and you can be assured that when you approach us for our screen-printing services, you will be amazed at the high level of detail and quality that we can produce on virtually any surface.

We are committed to providing high-quality prints with a very short turnaround time so if you need comprehensive screen printing in Melbourne then Ezibrand is undoubtedly the best choice. We can assure you that you will be impressed with our screen printers in Melbourne every time.