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Ezibrand offer services such as quality screen printing, digital transfers all at affordable prices, Melbourne based delivering Australia wide.

Supplier to the trade.

At Ezibrand we can screen print or transfer almost any product as long as it can be screen printed or heat pressed we can decorate it for you.

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With a Large range of apparel available we have a variety of different price points and quality levels available to you. We love ASColour blanks and strongly recommend you use them to achieve the highest quality product and print you can achieve. However, we’ve also selected some cheaper brands which we feel are excellent quality for the price point. We can source for you T-shirts, Workwear, Hi-Vis, Bags, and so much more.

Our Services

Ezibrand is a growing company and as such we’ve invested in the latest Equipment from M&R. Having the largest M&R automatic machine in Australia allows us a lot of Luxuries from printing up to 14 colours to achieving an uncompromised print by having more flexibility in the printing process. With a variety of other process’s available other than screen printing I’m sure we have the process to suit the product, artwork and price point you need to achieve.


T-Shirt Printing Services in Melbourne

Ezibrand provides professional screen and digital printing services in Melbourne at highly affordable rates, with a high quality of design. If you have any product or banner that you need to be printed, then Ezibrand can get the job done with zero compromises on quality. Our printing services are widely touted for their quick turnaround times and high level of attention to detail.

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When it comes to wholesale printing services, we can easily accommodate large orders thanks to our state of the art equipment and highly skilled team of professionals. By investing in the latest printing equipment, we’ve managed to stay at the forefront of both screen and digital printing services in Melbourne.

If you need high-quality t-shirt printing with prints that look vibrant and clear without any signs of fading, then you can’t go wrong with Ezibrand. With a large variety of different price points and quality levels, you will be spoilt for choice as you find the perfect t-shirt printing in Melbourne and screen printing services for yourself.

But we are not only restricted to T-shirts. Any kind of apparel that you want printed can easily be managed by us. We can provide high quality and detailed prints for any apparel that you have including bags and work-wear.

Wholesale Printing Services

Thanks to our large team and the right investments in state of the art equipment, we are capable of undertaking multiple bulk orders at a time without any effect on the turnaround time as a whole. This is why when it comes to wholesale printing services, we stand a notch above the rest as we can take multiple large orders without slowing down our production process.

You can be assured that when you approach us for printing services in Melbourne and digital t shirt printing your order no matter how large will be provided promptly.

We have a variety of processes so you can choose the exact type of print you want. Whether it’s screen printing or digital printing, we only use the most advanced of processes to ensure that the finished product that you get exudes quality.

By spending a considerable amount of time in the industry, we have managed to garner a significant amount of expertise that has enabled us to understand printing services in such a way that we have a perfect customer service record every single time.

When it comes to promotional products, we understand that many individuals are pressed for time and as such, require their products in a very short amount of time from the point of ordering. This is why at Ezibrand, we are committed to providing our products from placing the order to packaging in a very small timeframe.

Our standard lead time is five to seven working days from our sign off. But we are always open to accommodate rush orders so that we can provide you with your material in less than 24 hours.

If you need high-quality professional printing services in Melbourne and supacolour, then reach out to Ezibrand today. We can assure you that our wholesale printing services and our T-shirt printing in Melbourne will convince you of the high level of quality that we strive to create every single time.